Instant Photography | 100

Instant photography reveals a secret world within our own in this second issue of 100.

100 : Volume One : Issue Two : Instant

Moving away from the shake-and-wait stigma of yesteryear, twenty-five international artists discover how far instant photography can be bent, broken, and re-imagined.

 Issue Cover: Sarah Seené.  Jardin Secret (Secret Garden) , 2014

Issue Cover: Sarah Seené. Jardin Secret (Secret Garden), 2014

"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still."

- Dorothea Lang
 Mara Elizabeth.  Divine Roses , 2016

Mara Elizabeth. Divine Roses, 2016

 Vidal Nódica.  Go to Hellstone , 2016

Vidal Nódica. Go to Hellstone, 2016

 Urizen Freaza.  Golden Puke , 2015

Urizen Freaza. Golden Puke, 2015

 Rachel Frank.  Unshielded , 2015

Rachel Frank. Unshielded, 2015

  100:V1:I2:Instant  Zine Variant

100:V1:I2:Instant Zine Variant

Featured Artists

Aliya Rasti

Amanda Mason

Anne Locquen

Anne Silver

Bjorn Menke

Christopher Manning

Cosimo Caruso

Cristian Gelpi

Elizabeth Herman

Frank Ockenfels

Grace Maggie Kellet

Katlyn Hubner

Lusy Incera

Mara Elizabeth

Nev Amis

Niels Verwijk

Patrick Pantano

Rachel Frank

Riccardo Apostolico

Robert Ellis

Sarah Seené

Silvia Di Giacomo

Urizen Freaza

Vidal Nódica

Vlad Kenner