Volume 1 : Issue 1 : Nude

Film photographers explore nudity as an art form in this inaugural issue of 100.

 Issue Cover: Sol Stein.  Untitled , 2016

Issue Cover: Sol Stein. Untitled, 2016

The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.


Displaying humanity, inspiration and oftentimes humor, twenty-five international artists examine the lines separating the creative, crude and sexual nude.

  100:V1:I1:Nude  Zine Variant

100:V1:I1:Nude Zine Variant

Featured Artists

Alison Scarpulla

April Hutchinson 

Carr Kizzier

Chris Monroe 

Corrado Dalcò

Davide Padovan

Eric T White

Erin Albrecht

Ewelina Slowinska

High Creatives 

Iwona Aleksandrowicz

Kimbra Audrey

Li Hui

Márcio Faustino 

Mari Mihojevic

Nicolas Gavino

Niel Bekker

Romy Alizée 

Skye Horgan

Sol Stein

Starla Dawn

Sven Van Driessche 


Tiffany Graham

William Fate