100 | Instant

100 | Instant


Giving new life to a medium once thought dead, Polaroiders argue against the yesteryear shake-and-wait stigma and prove how far instant photography can be bent, broken, and re-imagined in the name of creative freedom.

With glossy, magazine quality interior pages and a silky, matte cover, 100 | INSTANT offers an awe inspiring sensation of creative discovery.

A portion of this purchase goes towards an artist featured in INSTANT.

Limited release of 100 copies

Release: 05/18/18

Zine Edition: 11/13/17

Size: 5x7”

Pages: 38

Publisher: Steuben Press. Longmont, Colorado USA

Details: Perfect bound booklet with C1S 10 pt matte laminate cover and 80# silk text interior pages.

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