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PolaCon 2018 - Day 2

PolaCon – the world’s first 3-day instant film photography convention – is back for year three! And nearly every event planned is still free to attend (with an RSVP). We’ve been looking forward to this year’s PolaCon since last year’s closing events!

What’s PolaCon like? Read this excellent, comprehensive recap of last year’s PolaCon! And here’s a fantastic, thorough recap of the first PolaCon. This year, PolaCon2018 (aka PolaCon3) convenes in Dallas on Friday and Denton on Saturday and Sunday, and the 3-day event will feature more than 20 workshops/sessions with guest speakers and photographers, an annual panel discussion dubbed "The State of the Emulsion Address,” a Zines & Things “swap meet” area, an instant film exhibition, pop-up galleries, an Instant Film Museum, 8x10 demos and a photobooth, as well as film- and camera-specific walks and meet-ups – in addition to more than five unique PolaWalks in distinctive, picturesque areas. As in year’s past, the finalized schedule will be posted a week before the convention and a limited number of printed programs will be available. Attendees should check the FB event page or Instant Film Society’s Instagram account and our website on the mornings of DAY I, II and III for any “official” last-minute additions, deletions or cancellations.

All of PolaCon is free to attend. However, some venues have limited “seats” or standing room, so most events will only be open to RSVP’d guests.


DENTON—Saturday, Sept. 29

  • 8 a.m. – For the early risers: Coffee, Bluegrass and “Instant Film 101” Brief Workshop followed by a PolaWalk [discussing pro-tips and the basics]. Open to the public and instant film photographers from beginners to advanced shooters; No RSVP required.

The remaining PolaCon events require an RSVP via the PolaCon2018 Eventbrite page.


  • 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. — at the historic Evers Hardware Building (behind the Norman Roscoe Pop-Up) at 109 W. Hickory St. including several instant photobooths, as well as a IFS’ ‘Instant Film Museum.’


  • Hands-on “Pack Film 101 Workshop and PolaWalk on the historic town square.
  • Photo Journaling: Photo Notebooks for Travel & Everyday
  • Impossible I-1 & Polaroid OneStep 2 best practices talk
  • Instax best practices panel discussion
  • “How-to-Dance the Warhol Big Shot Shuffle” Polaroid Big Shot Pack-Film Session (with Photobooth)
  • Wet Plate Photography: The First ‘Instant’ Film”
  • Mobile Tintype Studio
  • Scanning, Printing (and Enlarging) Polaroids for Prints, Books, Zines, Buttons, Magnets, Etc. Panel Discussion
  • The annual “State Of The Emulsion Address” – Live recording of the Film Photo Geeks podcast [5-6 p.m.]
  • Show & Tell Session (Bring your rarest cameras, and be prepared to talk pros/cons and best practices)
  • An “8×10 Impossible Photo Booth”
  • Hands-on demo instant film in a 4x5 camera
  • A hands-on workshop/polawalk hybrid on “Using Natural Light”
  • “Twilight & Neon at Night” #PolaCrawl focusing on sunset/dusk & neon


  • 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. "Zines & Things Swap Meet" creative types can sign up to sell or trade their instant-film-related personal works such as photobooks, zines, original ‘Polaroid’ images, "small" prints (no larger than 11x14-ish), pins and any other instant-film-related art. (Yes, yes, expired/rare film packs are OK, too. But NO cameras, please.) Watch for the sign-up form link, which will be posted as soon as possible.


  • 8 p.m. until ? ? ?: Concerts and other cool after-hours events. In addition to many cool concerts at various venues in Denton, IFS will host an acoustic set of some of Denton’s finest singer-songwriters at Evers from 8 to 10-ish p.m.

Earlier Event: September 29
Later Event: September 29
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