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POLAPARTY at Nabirra - Iso600 On The Spot Cosenza

  • Nabbirra C.so Garibaldi, 42 (su P.za Valdesi) Cosenza, Italy 87100 Italy (map)

Friday 14/09 21.00

POLAPARTY at Nabirra

C.so Garibaldi, 42 (su P.za Valdesi), Cosenza, Italy 87100 - www. nabbirra.it

An evening with friends to talk and taste craft beers and appetizing dishes. 

Fixed menu booking € 10.00

Reservations required: iso600spot.cosenza@gmail.com


Stop in the South for instant photography: this time the setting is the city of Cosenza, rich in history, where you can find traces of the ancient Bruzi and modern Calatrava. In these evocative places there will be a series of events dedicated to instant photography. 

We remember it, no, it's not a festival; that takes place only once a year and involves Italian and foreign artists with a large number of works, events, workshops and much more, but why wait a year to meet again to share the passion for instant photography? 

On the Spot is more than a collective and less than a Festival, a traveling photographic exhibition that will take the world of Polaroiders around Italy.

The Third Stage of 2018 will be held at the Ex-MAM, where they will exhibit the Polaroiders awarded at the Iso600 Riccione Festival, workshops, meetings and much more will take place.