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Trip to Berlin with Polagraph!


- Translated from Czech to English -

Berlin is connected with Polaroid like no other city. Not only is the Polaroid Originals home, it also comes from here, or here, several stars of the Polaroid world - from Helmut Newton, through Wim Wenders to the young Oliver Blohm and others.

Go with us to spend a weekend full of Polaroids in the German metropolis. On Saturday morning, we will take a train together and visit the Wim Wenders Wonderful Exhibition, the giant Helmut Newton Museum, the unique studio of Oliver Blohm with one of the latest 20 × 24 format Polaroids, and the Polaroid Originals headquarters. We run along the city and photograph Polaroid all the attractions of this vibrant and vibrant city. And we sit together in the evening and share our experiences with shooting our favorite photographic medium.


We arrive on Saturday 22nd Saturday from Prague Main Station and on Sunday, 23th we are back as a horse!

We'll lend you a camera (if you do not have one), let's explain how Polaroid looks at you and make you look at the most interesting places that Polaroid enthusiasts have to offer. The program is fanciful, but of course it matters only to you what you will be with us all. And you do not have to worry about skipping good food and coffee!

Price: 4.999, -
Maximum number of participants: 12