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36EXP: A Call for Unprocessed Roll Films - Late Deadline


Send your exposed, unprocessed roll film to ANALOGICA to take part in 36EXP the first photographic contest dedicated exclusively to roll films.

Regular Deadline: July 30th, 2018
Late Deadline: August 30th, 2018


There was a time when photographing was synonym for surprise.
We gazed upon what we wished to photograph, trying to imagine the final result, and snapped. Then, we waited for the film to be developed. Our photo was only in our head. Nothing was immediate. Even Polaroid photos took a few minutes before slowly appearing in our hands.
Photographing was not a synonym for immediacy. Rather for surprise.
We never knew exactly what the film was going to show.
Wrong photos, beautiful photos, forgotten photos...
photography always had an element of surprise.

Then digital photography came along and everything became instant, or rather simultaneous. It is possible to see the final result of a photo just by looking at the LCD screen of our camera, and we can add filters or modify colors. We know how the photo will look like ahead of time.
No more exciting waits and no more surprises. 
Over the last few years, though, someone has wanted to go back to the old way of photographing: among them are those who have just discovered this kind of photography and those who never ceased to buy analog films, even when nobody seemed to have given them up.

This call is dedicated to all who love analog films, slow photography, and being surprised.


The Call

What could you tell by means of 36 images, and how would you do it? What would you photograph, if you only had 36 snapshots available?
36EXP is the first competition dedicated to roll films.
You may photograph all you want, tell about your day, your city, one of your trips, what you see on the streets. You may create a reportage.
You may take abstract photos. All genres are allowed.
All is required is an analog camera and a 36 exposure film (B/W or color).
You must use all the exposures. You won’t be allowed to see the final result: no play or erase buttons, and no editing. 
All you photograph will constitute the material with which you will participate in 36EXP.


You can do anything you want with your roll film: tell a story, create a small reportage, or just show us how you see the world. There's no limit on the topic.

Download the participation form, fill it out and print it. It's very important that you include the form with your roll film, without it we cannot accept your entry. Put everything into an envelope and send it to the address specified in the form.


All roll films will be developed by ANALOGICA. Maximum 3 reels will be selected, printed in a book and exhibited in Bolzano, Italy in 2018.
Each selected participant will receive a LAB-BOX - The first multi-format daylight-loading film tank-offered by our technical and main sponsor ARS-IMAGO.
Once the selected works have been chosen, negative films will be returned to the respective authors (including the winners). We'll use the address provided by you in the participation form, so make sure to double check it!

A fee is required to take part in 36EXP. This includes the development of the film and return-shipping fees of negative.
Early Deadline /  June 30th / € 15
Regular Deadline / July 30th / € 20
Late Deadline / August 30th / € 25

36EXP /// a project by ANALOGICA // Bolzano - Italy
Technical and Main Sponsor
supported by
14. Deutsche Kultur / Cultura Tedesca    Amt für Film und Medien - Ufficio Film e media
ZELIG - School for Documentary, Television and New Media / Bolzano Italy

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