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B / W Street Photography | Frankfurt | Day 2

  • CharlieEngelLab 2.0 Rheinstraße 27 55116 Mainz, Germany Germany (map)

Street photography in Frankfurt

Random moments of everyday life

Weekend workshop with lecturer Ivan Slunjski

The workshop

Street photography is a historical art form and a new territory at the same time. Street photography is about the aesthetic documentation of people in unrepaired situations that happen in the public space. The artistic claim lies in the aesthetics, ie the own perception of beauty and esteem, as well as in the unadulterated moment of the moment. A street photographer tries to capture the everyday coincidence as you normally do not notice it in the hustle and bustle of a big city. This workshop is about immersing yourself in the genre of "street photography" with analogue B / W film.


Have you ever wanted to take street photos with your analog camera, but either you never dared or it never really worked? Then this workshop is just the right tool for you to proverbially take steps in this direction.

Together we will discuss personal hurdles on the street theoretically and also tackle them practically. Among other things, we look at our friend, the "fear", deal with the topic of "ethics", deal with image design, style, and with the question of which film we use for which light situations. And at the end of the workshop, we develop our negatives and enlarge them on photo paper to discuss our pictures together. (Additional info: the topic with the legal situation in Germany in connection with the Streetfotografie bursts the frame of the workshop and is therefore not treated explicitly.)

The Procedure - Day 1 Saturday (9:00 am to 1:00 pm) 
The first day is divided into two parts: a theoretical part, which we will spend in the morning in a café and a practical part, active and in groups of three is implemented on the road in a guided tour of the city.

The process - Day 2 (10:00 to 15:00)

On the second day in Mainz in the film lab CharlieEngelLab 2.0 together with Charlie Engel we will both develop our films from the day before and enlarge them on paper by means of the Heiland Splitgrade system.

In addition, these are also further processed hybrid.

We will discuss our results together and learn to better assess and evaluate our images and future potential motives and situations on the road itself.


  • Mastering the photography basics
  • Analog KB camera + 1 lens (28mm to maximum 85mm)
  • comfortable shoes + appropriate feel-good clothing for the forecasted weather

Target group
Beginners and advanced photographers, beginners, returnees and returnees in analog photography are welcome (max 9 participants). If you have any questions or if you do not have an analogue KB camera, please contact us in time to rent a camera if necessary.


The film material, developer chemistry, film development, scan.

Continuous support throughout the workshop during the practical exercises, recordings, film processing and picture reviews.


399 euros    per participant
350 euros "Early Bird Special"    (limited number available) 
maximum 9 participants


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