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For the 2019 edition of Revela’T we will use as leitmotiv the iconic science-fiction message “Klaatu barada nikto”

One of the most memorable phrases in the history of cinema, these words are pronounced by the lead actress in “The Day the Earth Stood Still” (1951) to prevent the robot Gort from destroying the Earth. Words spoken in extremis, which will save the planet from extra-terrestrial destruction.

By means of this message, Revela’T aims to stimulate photographic reflection on the complex relationship of mankind with the planet; a relationship marked by change and imbalance resulting from our use and abuse of the Earth, as well as from the economic and political interests which drive, among other things, climate change, migration and war. The Earth shows, however, a more pleasant and hopeful side, thanks to the richness and beauty of its habitat and through social and ecological initiatives.

In this way, the 2019 edition of Revela’T looks at the value of our civilization and poses these questions, which are of inter-planetary scope:

Why do we deserve destruction?

Why do we deserve salvation?

We leave this in your hands.

Every year we seek to raise the level of our program through contact with collaborators, curators, galleries and private collectors.

With enough support, we hope to be able to achieve our main objective for 2019 – to transform Revela’T into a festival of reference for all those passionate about photography.

Do you want to take part in this edition?

If you have a good photographic project to share and you want that thousands of people can see it, if you took part in past editions or you wanted but didn’t, now you have a new chance.

The 7th edition of Festival Revela’T will be held from May 24th till June 2nd 2019.

You can send your projects until December 2nd 2018.

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