About Style with Mads Madison - Wasted Films

So what's your style?


Usually people ask this question right after they hear that I work with photographic material (I actually don't really consider myself to be a photographer). This is where things get weird. I have no clue what's my style. And do I really have to label what I am doing?

I tried to play by the 'rules' of photography but wasn't really happy with the results. I felt like I was creating a copy of a copy of a copy of something that once was creative. Plus I still had 'old school' photographers calling me a punk and my work trash. So I stopped showing my work to anyone for a couple of years. I started experimenting and distressing my old shots. At this point it might be good to add that I am somewhat like a little kid. I want to know 'what happens if' and I decided to answer this question by simply trying.


So I used whatever came in handy to get rough with the boxes full of negatives and polaroids. A really good friend of mine created a website for my stuff and I somehow met Andrew K. Thompson who told me not to give a sh*t about what others think. We talked about Jason Pollock and Sigmar Polke. Polke's most famous picture is a white with one single black corner and he wrote something like, "Higher Forces told me: Paint upper right corner black“. We looked at pieces of Matthew Brandt, Robin Cracknell and Graeme Webb.

art is dead.jpg

At this point I started getting positive reactions to my 'art'. Somehow I didn't care. Doing what I do helped me clear my head, it made me forget about the hassles of my job. It kept me sane. Critics didn't hurt me anymore because I didn't do 'art' for anyone else but me. I have no clue where each series will lead me, no concept, no safety net. Whatever is meant to happen will happen. 

There is no community. There is no right or wrong. There is no do and no don't.


So no, there is no name for my style.