Who is behind 100 and Why You Should Stick Around

Here we go again. Another day, another printing delay.

We sincerely apologize for any ill feelings experienced due to the incredibly long delivery times. We are feeling the same level of frustration as you may be, if not more.

In the middle of a recent production run, our printer broke down for the third time and any momentum gained was brought to an agonizing halt. Out of desperation to complete orders, we considered running out and upgrading our equipment again. However, we took a moment to reflect and noticed a pattern occurring; whenever we start rolling on printing, an unforeseen setback occurs and we're left scrambling for a new solution. Money and time has ultimately decided that it's time to start outsourcing printing for the 100 publication.

The team behind 100 is very small; at the moment it's just Megan and I at the helm. We're indie creators trying to build a community platform where passionate, analog photographers can thrive. When things like this happen, not only do our pockets ache, but our hearts hurt. 100 is our baby and we do not want to disappoint you. We have all the drive and determination in the world, but without proper machinery or the funds to back us up, things can get difficult at times.

We are currently finalizing a list of publishers who will speed up production, increase quality, and decrease frustration. When determining who to go with, we believe it's important to form a relationship with a local, independent, small-run publisher. We want someone who has the same enthusiasm for their field as we have for ours. Samples are arriving in the mail daily and we are incredibly impressed with what we're seeing so far.

We know you will love what is coming soon, so we ask you to stick with us just a little longer. Your patience and grace has been an inspiration and are the main driving points behind 100. We thank you for taking this journey with us and being a part of 100.