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Behind The Scenes | 100

Want to know more about 100? Take a behind the scenes look at how this analog networking community came together.

What is 100?

100 originated in the Autumn of 2016 as an unknown project conceptualized to measure the connective thread among film photography enthusiasts. The immediate discovery was the desire for information and in-depth insight, demonstrated through the influx of response. The lackluster glow of a fast-pace digital screen did nothing to impress this group, who had given their hearts to a more tangible world. Their desire was found in the pursuit of an unhurried, complex beauty where intellect was just as important as aesthetic. With the world falling into an endlessly scrolling, digital whirlpool, 100 began providing oxygen to those seeking deep dives in calm water.

By ignoring the concept of online instant gratification being the pinnacle of success, 100 initiated a moment of inspired reflection. Moving forward with a more precise vision, 100 established itself as a platform for photographers to not only share their talent, but develop genuine connections. It presented a constant reminder that analog photographers; regardless of social status, position, finance, location, education, creed, gender, or religion; were all members of this newly founded creative community. 100 has since encouraged social interaction, the extensive sharing of insight, and relationship building which may have been undiscovered or otherwise unattainable.

As 100 continues to progress, the community expands and continues to break social, geographical, and procedural boundaries. The 100 community is at the forefront of creative discovery, with extraordinary talent being unearthed from all regions of the world, walks of life, and corners of the imagination.

Who is behind 100?


Scott D Barman 

Co-creator | Art Director


Megan Barman

Co-creator | Talent Scout

Mads Madison

Administration | Event Organization


Tania Kaaz

Administration | Creative Discovery


Host | Instagram

Where is 100 based out of?

100 is produced through the combined efforts of artists from around the world.

Use the interactive map below to see where the ever-growing 100 community hails from.